I am inspired by color, pattern and nature. I am particularly interested in creating tension in my work -- most often creating a marriage between the natural and digital world. I love to capture the beauty of nature through my lens and then digitally manipulate the image. I wouldn't be able to create my art if it weren't for technology but I am attempting to be somewhat subversive with my choice of subjects and treatment of the imagery. Through my work I am in a sense exploring my longing for a peaceful life and I feel most at peace when I am outside surrounded by lush trees or am by the lake or the ocean. However our reality is that we are surrounded by technology and are all moving at an incredible pace. Despite this pace the leaves still dance in the breeze and the waves still crash on the shore. All in their own time. There is stillness and quiet in nature. There is perfection and imperfection in nature. There is an interconnectedness we see in the natural world. There is sacred geometry. There is so much mystery and so much to be learned. "To see a world in a grain of sand and a heaven in a wild flower" as Blake says. This is my quest.